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An informative and straightforward newsletter

I would like to thank you for an informative and straightforward newsletter. I left for many years and I’ve read hundreds of newsletters, technical investment journals and analysts reports but few as enjoyable or helpful in reaching the end result–investment understanding and growth. Thank you.

R. Dover / Lancaster, PA

Now I’m in control of my financial future

I started with Richard in February 2010. I only have one stock that isn’t on his Monster Master List, and I have been so happy with his input. Everything is up big-time. I’m reinvesting dividends. I use Vanguard, and now I’m in control of my financial future. Thank you, Richard.

Mark / Gardner, Colorado

I credit Dick as my investing mentor

I became financially independent and retired at age 50 in 2011. My story has been featured in USAA Magazine and on Yahoo Finance. I credit Dick as my investing mentor both on my blog here: and in my new book “Retiring Sooner,” available on Amazon.

[What I like best are] the consistent reminders of conservative investing fundamentals. As I say in my book, “I owe an enormous debt to Richard C. Young and his Intelligence Report, which was my mentor in patient, diversified, low-cost passive index investing.” Thank you again Dick!

Darrow Kirkpatrick / Chattanooga, TN

Gave RMDs to charity and my IRA still grew

Intelligence Report] has allowed me to find a dividend return, while also seeing the growth of companies invested in. Being over 70½, I’ve had to withdraw a certain percentage each year from my rollover IRA…I’ve given most of these funds to various charities directly from the IRA, and still have seen my IRA gain year after year. I would recommend that others emulate the idea of giving direct from their IRA, and thus cut down on their taxable income by not having the IRA funds added to it, but going directly to a charity (check this part out with your CPA).

Dick’s philosophy is, for the most part, the same as mine…I enjoy reading his ventures as well.

BVB / Lake San Marcos, CA

Dick makes it simple

I have become very secure financially. I am not chasing stocks or funds that never live up to expectations. I like Dick’s calm approach to investing. I have been in the same funds for years and am still making money! Thanks for all you do! [With the money I’ve made, I’m] saving for retirement. I did buy a Corvette.

Dick Young is investing his money in the same stocks and funds that I am investing in.  I do not feel overwhelmed by so many options.  Dick makes it simple, and I watch and make adjustments to my portfolio usually every three months.

Jeff S. / Kearney, Nebraska

I was able to fly through the recession

I have been a subscriber of Intelligence Report since 1992.   I began investing  for retirement using guidelines from Intelligence Report.  I followed Richard’s advice and  switched  everything to Vanguard in 2006 and wish I had done it sooner. With about 35% Retirement Compounders and the rest in Vanguard GNMA and Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade, I was able to fly through the recession. Average return for the last 5 years was 5.7%.

I retired from dentistry in 2010 after 43 years in my office, and since that time we are living off my investments and Social Security. We have about as much to live on as when I was working, because I don’t have to pay those high taxes. I stick with the program and have not had to use any principal for living expenses.

I am glad that I stumbled upon your letter in 1992, because I was able to develop a philosophy for investing and a plan to stick with through thick and thin. It has paid off very well. Thank you.

Ed / Andover, NJ

Enriched my life

To help you understand how subscribing to Intelligence Report has enriched my life, I must tell you a brief story. Not too many years ago, my investment strategy was, I’d say, emotional and reactive. I began subscribing to a number of financial magazines, which mostly resulted in a lot of junk mail. Back then I invested in what was hot at the time (i.e., tech stocks), having no real understanding.

Well, I’m sure you know how that story ended. When everything tanked, I followed the crowd…selling willy-nilly. One day, after I decided I’d had enough of investing, I got what I thought was yet another piece of (finance) junk mail and was just about to tear it up when a sentence or two caught my attention. I thought to myself, don’t buy another magazine—but this one was different.

I became so enthralled by what I was reading that I read the entire thing. Well, I did order it—the Richard Young Intelligence Report. At the time I had about 13g savings/investment (that was a few years ago). Since then, I became an avid subscriber looking forward to and enjoying every monthly report.  Love Dick’s straightforward, open talk, and of course, his sense of humor.

Today, I’ve grown my regular savings/investments including IRA to close to about 90s. And you know what, I don’t make a lot of money, but I used Dick’s writings and expanded my thinking to not only invest but evaluate my financial picture. I still have a ways to go, but I challenge myself regularly to learn more and do better regarding my finances and understanding finance.

I really like Dick’s straightforward style/talk. It’s interesting, informative, humorous. And he provides so much info in other areas, such as personal safety. Who knew a pencil could be used as a serious personal safety tool? I enjoy hearing about him and his wife’s trips on their Harleys and feedback they get from people while on trips. Love hearing his music-related updates.

S.B./ Brooklyn, NY

Fundamental logic

My first introduction to Dick’s investment strategy came in the mid ’80s working for Brown & Root (now KBR). We work working in Scotland on engineering and construction projects for oil and gas developments. Dr. Larry Farmer was my boss and followed Dick. I immediately recognised the apparent fundamental logic to the approach Dick describes in detail. I have accumulated wealth and was able to keep my portfolio in place during the downturn while having a compound rate of return.

Norman Chambers / Houston, Texas

My portfolio has doubled

My portfolio has doubled using the idea’s from the newsletter. I wish I would have discovered the letter many years sooner. I am letting the shares buy more shares and just letting compounding do its thing. It really grows. I look forward to the letter every month. It usually has another good idea.

RS / Central, North Dakota

Scored big with Treasury STRIPS

Dick’s advice to purchase Treasury STRIPS (in the ’90s I think) was a big score for me. Counseling on the psychological end—to pull the trigger and fight inertia—has also been invaluable. [What I like best about Intelligence Report is Dick’s] ability to slow me down, avoid churning, and speed me up, buy the proper stocks and bond funds, and hang on to them for long periods.

M.S. / Greenbrae, CA

Diversification, dividends and patience

Diversification, dividends and patience have proven to be the ticket for a solid portfolio that has allowed us to take out enough income and virtually maintain the principle balance over the past 12 years. We have held some of our positions since the beginning, and they have increased in value by as much as 240% while generating almost 6% annual income. [Intelligence Report] keeps me grounded and able to dismiss the ‘experts’ that seem to be lost in their own three-month cycle along with all the other so-called mavens of Wall Street.

MDL / New York City

Profits paid for 20 years of subscription

In the early 1990s, I bought Harley Davidson using Richard’s advice. Harley went up/split/went up/split, etc. I lost track of, in total, how many dollars were made off dollars invested. I made enough money off Harley Davidson to pay for my Intelligent Report subscription for the next 20 or more years. Solid-foundation advice.

MWP / Redlands, CA

Consistently impressed

I’ve subscribed to Dick’s newsletters for at least a decade, and have consistently been impressed by how useful and profitable his approach has been. He has kept me out of risky investments and steered me toward better ones than I likely would have found on my own. I’m happily retired with a great future, and Dick Young is a significant part of the reason why.

EW / Cincinnati, OH

My biggest success was finding Intelligence Report

In 1998, I was completely ignorant about finances.I was also unsatisfied with the “popular” junk that passed for advice.I stumbled across Intelligence Report, subscribed, and have been at it ever since.

I invested following Dick’s advice and using his Master Lists and recommended structure.Here are some results (15 years):

  • Mesabi Trust, up 34%
  • Plum Creek Timber, up 65%
  • Kinder Morgan Energy, up 81%
  • Alliance Resource Partners, up 148%

$42,000 became $79,000.I reinvest dividends, buy good quality, and hold. I bought gold at $800 (later than recommended) in my two satellite portfolios. That is up 40%. Vanguard has saved me incredible amounts of “management fees”, and both my Wellesley and Wellington shares have grown from investor shares to Admiral shares. Biggest success? My one biggest success was finding Intelligence Report.

RWL / Portland, Oregon

Served me well for 25 years

I have been following Richard Young’s advice for about 25 years. I often read other sources, but if Richard doesn’t support the same thing, I don’t do it. I like his philosophy and it’s served me well through all the ups and downs of the market. My portfolio continues to grow. I don’t count the amounts. I just make sure I have enough to last as long as I do.

Carol Woods / Houston, Texas

Financially independent

I have read your newsletter for several decades and have become financially independent. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. After a very good conservative lifestyle, giving to many causes and to family members, I manage a large investment portfolio using many of your conservative ideas.

Bert / Enid, Oklahoma

The confidence to manage my own investments

My biggest successes have been with Dick’s Vanguard fixed income funds and Retirement Compounder recommendations. Now I’m living comfortably in retirement. Dick has given me the knowledge and confidence to manage my own investments using Fidelity as simply a custodian. I have been a subscriber since 1991.

N.T. / Holden Beach, North Carolina

Best advice I’ve found at any price

I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I take this financial planning seriously, and I have learned a lot from reading Dick’s monthly newsletter. You can tell him that it’s the best advice I’ve ever found at any price, and I also am a very conservative investor who doesn’t buy into the latest investment fads. … Many thanks

S.W. / Charlotte, North Carolina

I was wrong

I was a subscriber a few years ago and left. I thought I could find better advice and better returns. I was wrong. What I found was the same old advice that was chasing the latest hot trend. When I looked at my portfolio, the best performers were old recommendations that came from Intelligence Report. I have seen the light. I am back, and I am sorry I left.

Steve / Amarillo, Texas

30 Years of great advice

This year in 2013 begins my fourth decade of reading your newsletter. I still have Tulipomania (1992), The Water Bible, The Big Annuity Book (1994), The Big 50 (1992), The Big Electric Utilities Book (1991), The Biggest 10 Mistakes Investors Make (1991), and The Telecommunications Explosion (1993). I want to thank you for 30 years of great advice and helping me and my wife save for retirement. Debby and I are married 40 years this year, too. Love ya. Thanks again, Dick.

G.F. Bieker / Wichita, KS

Done nothing but make money

I am a longtime subscriber. I have done nothing but make money with your recommendations, and lost very little. Thank you!

— J. Smaha / Kearney, NE

Best in his field

This is just a comment on Mr.Richard Young’s brilliant, common sense, level headed, up to the minute, accurate, timely, experienced, insight into the land mines of the financial markets. I have been investing for over 30 years now and have viewed and experienced several other professional market services. None of them have even come close to the kind of information that Mr. Young generates on either a monthly or yearly basis. My only regret is that I had not found him sooner. I would have made far fewer mistakes. No one has a crystal ball on the future and never will. But in the case of financials, the is no substitute for experience and an ability to read the markets in both a forward focus and the experience to call upon the history of the past. Surviving and thriving is all about who you align yourself with and their talents. Mr. Young is the best in his field without question.

J.M. / Woodland, Washington

Savvy Investor

Thanks for your expertise every month. I enjoy the issues and believe I am a much more savvy investor today thanks largely to your newsletters.

R. White