Current Issue - April 2015

At Young Research, we just completed an overhaul of the roster of domestic stocks that we advise for you in Global Investment Strategy. Our goal is to help you better navigate the bubble conditions in the stock market. At Global Investment Strategy, our focus is on dividend-paying companies and especially those companies with a record of making regular annual dividend increases. The combination of dividend payments today and higher dividend payments tomorrow is a powerful tonic for long-term investment success. While no stock can escape from a bear market unscathed, businesses that continue to make regular annual dividend increases will be some of the first to fully recover should the market take a tumble.

In this month's issue, we are adding five names to the Global Investment Strategy Master List that all make regular dividend increases. Included in these names is one of only two major commercial airplane manufacturers in the world as well as the world's largest parcel delivery company. In order to free up room for these new names, we'll be dropping four names from our Master List. While a couple of these names have given us decent total returns and are fine as long-term holdings, we are looking to free up room for more compelling opportunities. Finally, we'll review the first quarter using the Global Investment Scorecard, and evaluate just how much impact a strong dollar had on markets at home and abroad. More >>

Previous Issue - March 2015

We are seeing an alarming level of complacency among both individual and professional investors. Bullish sentiment is at euphoric levels, bearish analysts are once again being ridiculed in the financial media, and investors who have little ability to incur substantial losses are taking on great risk in pursuit of higher returns. Complacency rears its ugly head in the later stages of almost every investment mania, and it is a dangerous foe that can sabotage portfolio performance, or worse, shatter a thoughtfully executed retirement plan. To achieve long-term investment success, you must battle complacency ruthlessly. Those investors who do not will pay the price.

In this month's issue, we'll explain the risks that years of zero rates and untold trillions in misallocated capital have led to and how you can protect yourself from them. As we have outlined in prior issues of Global Investment Strategy, we see more compelling opportunities in foreign markets than we do in the U.S. The basket of seven foreign stocks that we advised as top buys in the January issue are up an average 10% since the issue was released. All remain buys now. In addition, to give you more direct exposure to euro-area equities, we are adding three funds to the Equities Master List. With the significant appreciation of the euro over recent months, we also want you to close your short position in the euro for now. Improvement in the euro-area economy also likely means improvement in demand for platinum, which you can buy via the platinum fund on our Commodities Master List. Finally, we want you to round out your position in one of our commodity stocks. More >>

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Stunning Wall Street

April 24, 2015 Amazon reported quarterly results last night that, in the words of one news outlet, stunned Wall Street. What was so stunning about Amazon's results? The company reported a 15% increase in revenue, but that isn't so stunning. Wall Street analysts were expecting about $22 billion in revenue and that's what Amazon reported. Did Amazon finally […] More »

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