Current Issue - October 2014

The Federal Reserve is pulling the plug on its quantitative easing program at the end of this month. What happens next? Will stocks plunge as they did when the Fed ended QE2, or will continued low interest rates push stock prices ever higher? We have our suspicions, but we can't be certain. What we can be certain of is that this is an aging bull market with valuations at bubble levels that demand you approach the investment landscape with caution.

There are now signs that the relentless and uniform rally in equity markets is coming to an end. That means opportunity for patient investors. We haven't yet reached the point where there is an abundance of bargains, but we do see opportunities for you in high-quality businesses at reasonable prices. First up this month is a leading global brewer. A dominant branded consumer goods company, it has favorable long-term growth prospects and a juicy dividend yield, and it is available today at a fair price. Also this month, recent market volatility has created opportunities for tax loss harvesting. We'll tell you which ones you can take advantage of now. Finally, it is time to close your short position in the Japanese yen that we advised back in June. More >>

Previous Issue - September 2014

I have some good news and some bad news to share with you. The good news is the Federal Reserve is finally winding down its misguided money-printing campaign. The bad news is that just as Yellen & Co. are winding down their bond buying program, the European Central Bank (ECB) is signaling a willingness to start a quantitative easing program of its own. Global monetary stimulus just won't go away.

In this issue, I'll explain the investment implications of a stagnating euro area with the ECB ramping up stimulus and a faster growing U.S. economy, but a less aggressive Fed. With bubble valuations sill prevalent in the U.S. stock market, more reasonable valuations in Europe, and an improving competitive position for European exporters, European-based multinationals make a lot of sense here. You can find our top five picks for new money in the issue. Also this month, shares of the coal producer we added to our Master List in June have sold off. It's time to take your position from 1/3 to 2/3. More >>

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Pop Quiz: Who Said It?

October 24, 2014 "I will be the first to say that it is always difficult to get monetary policy just right. But the Fed's analytical prowess is top-notch and our forecasting record is second to none" "Q: Can you act quickly enough to prevent inflation from getting out of control? A: We could raise interest rates in 15 […] More »

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