Current Issue - December 2014

The world’s major economic powers are engaged in an epic currency war that has escalated greatly in recent months. The tactics and strategies being used to wage this war have profound implications for the global investment landscape as well as your portfolio.

In this month’s issue, I walk you through the investment implications of escalating global currency wars, and how can you position your portfolio to profit. First up is a short play that you can make either with a currency account or an ETF. Next, I'll explain how the sharp decline in oil prices at the end of November affects our energy holdings. Finally, I’ll share a nice opportunity for you that we found amidst the rubble, offering a yield to maturity of 5.9% at current prices. More >>

Previous Issue - November 2014

For long-term investors in search of opportunity and value, the downside volatility in October was a welcome change. That it only lasted a couple of days, thanks to St. Louis Fed president James Bullard signaling that quantitative easing remains a tool in the Fed's toolbox, was a disappointment. What does that mean for long-term investors like you? The net result of October's volatility is that we find the markets in about the same place they were last month. Values are starting to emerge in foreign markets, and bubble conditions in the U.S. market remain pervasive.

Although the round trip in equity markets during October didn't create as much opportunity as we would have hoped, it wasn't a total loss. Two areas where opportunities have emerged are in commodities and currencies. Oil and precious metals sold off sharply in October, and neither has recovered. The October volatility has also further depressed some of our favored currencies. In this month's issue, we'll tell you how take advantage of the situation with several buying opportunities. Also, with the snap-back rally in equity markets and the changing landscape in the materials and energy space, as well as tight spreads in the floating rate loan market, we are making a few changes to our master lists. More >>

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December 19, 2014 Over the last two days the S&P 500 has gained a staggering 4.48%. That's more than half of the return one might expect in an average only two days! To put that into perspective, the chart below shows the two-day percentage change in the S&P 500 with plus and minus three standard deviations overlaid. […] More »

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