Current Issue - April 2014

The bubble conditions in the stock market prevail, enabled by the most aggressive and prolonged period of monetary stimulus in the history of the Federal Reserve. Recent IPO activity is emblematic of the speculation that is drowning out thoughtful investment analysis. With the economy poised to grow modestly and Fed Chair Janet Yellen keeping the monetary stimulus at full throttle, the nascent bubble in the U.S. stock market is likely to become larger. You are welcome to hop on Yellen's bubble-coaster and ride it as high as it will take you, but you'd better figure out a strategy for jumping off the ride at the top, because it is a long, steep ride down. We want no part of it.

Instead, I advise that you follow in the footsteps of the famed John Templeton. His advice to do something different from the majority is the strategy that can help you achieve long-term investment success. If your investment philosophy seems unconventional in the current environment, you're following the proper course of action. While many investors are focused on social networking stocks and biotechs, we prefer to focus on the materials sector, where sentiment is dismal. In this month's issue, I'm recommending a starter position in an out-of-favor copper miner with a rock-solid balance sheet. Over the past three years, it has returned almost half of its profits to shareholders in the form of regular and special dividends. More >>

Previous Issue - March 2014

After a brief pause to start the year, stocks appear to be continuing their speculative overshoot phase. Although the market is basically flat YTD, there is rampant speculation bubbling under the surface. Margin debt is at yet another record high, and the most speculative shares are once again dominating the headlines. Facebook is spending over $19 billion in cash and overvalued stock on a company with $20 million in sales that didn't exist before 2009. Tesla Motors shares have soared on the pie-in-the sky analysis of a Wall Street analyst who doubled his price target days before his firm helped Tesla issue a $2 billion convertible bond. At their recent peak, Tesla shares were up more than 70% YTD and 600% over the last twelve months.

If you are a long-time reader of Global Investment Strategy (or Intelligence Report) you know our advised strategy for you is to craft a global portfolio of high-yielding dividend-payers with a record of regular dividend increases. Over the last 40 years, dividends and the reinvestment of dividends have accounted for over 70% of the S&P 500's total return. Of course, once you have settled on a dividend strategy you must decide which dividend-payers to buy. At Young Research, an important feature of our investment strategy is to find companies with high dividend yields and a history of regular dividend increases. This month, we have a new one for you: a Canadian-based electric and gas utility that offers a high dividend yield today and has a long history of regular dividend increases. More >>

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This Can't End Well

April 15, 2014

Bob Davis and Esther Fung report on the worrying glut of vacant property in China's third and fourth tier cities. In big international cities like Beijing and Shanghai, prices continue to rise. But evidence is mounting that in dozens of third- and fourth-tier Chinese cities rarely visited by foreigners, overbuilding is out of control and […]

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