Current Issue - June 2015

Throughout my decades-long career in the investment industry, one of the most frequently asked questions from clients over the years has been, how are we doing? The economy is in the winter stage of a business cycle recovery, and without the massive artificial stimulus in the form of Fed money printing, it would have already sunk back into recession. Add on the lost manufacturing momentum caused by the strong dollar, and the U.S economy has problems. Feeling a little gloomy? Well, it is what it is. I cannot be the weather, but I can act as your weatherman.

Last month, I introduced an enhanced dividend strategy to keep you on an even keel during this most difficult period. This month, I provide some more backbone of my new enhanced dividend strategy. I think you will be both comforted and enthusiastic to get started. I'll also share with you my top ETF for investing in the world's happiest country. Lastly, I'll tell you which of our Mutual Fund Master List holdings I am adding to this month. One of them is loaded with the names I advise for you on an individual stock basis, and was up in two of the three years of the 2000-2002 bear market. More >>

Economic Analysis - June 2015

Each month, I provide you with an Economic Analysis supplement to the issue. This supplement provides you with a bird's eye view of the indicators that I monitor on a regular basis. The incisive, story-telling charts included in this supplement are updated every month and range from "The Leaders" to "World Currency Reserves/World Gold Reserves." There will always be great new material as well as timely reference dates, and my comments spell out the meaning of each chart for you. Download in pdf format.

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Has Warren Buffett Lost His Mind?

May 28, 2015 Leave it to good ole’ Warren Buffett to create a stir. In a recent op-ed in The Wall Street Journal,┬áhe calls for an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to help low-income workers. How about a reduction in the size of government instead Mr. Buffett? Let workers keep more of what they make […] More »