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Issue / June 2017

Everyone Calls Me Sir!

When did that start? I wondered recently as I was climbing down the plane stairs onto the blazing tarmac at Key West "International" (yup) Airport. Well, at some point in the last 76 years, I apparently have graduated to sir status. But you know what? It's not that bad. There are advantages, especially in my business. My Decades with Wellington Management Think of all I have learned and how much I know today that I did not know even a decade ago. In fact, my age today may be one of the greatest assets I offer you. After all, how… Read more

Economic Analysis / June 2017

Each month, I provide you with an Economic Analysis supplement to the issue. This supplement provides you with a bird's eye view of the indicators that I monitor on a regular basis. The incisive, story-telling charts included in this supplement are updated every month and range from "The Leaders" to "World Currency Reserves/World Gold Reserves." There will always be great new material as well as timely reference dates, and my comments spell out the meaning of each chart for you.

Young Research

Trump's "Taxpayer First" Budget Explained

May 24, 2017 The Trump administration has released its first full budget plan and it is indeed radical by Washington standards. For starters, it increases spending, but not as fast as the spendthrifts in D.C. would like. Naturally no one is happy. Dan Mitchell, a scholar at the Cato Institute and a friend of mine, has written a […] Read more

About Richard C. Young

Dick Young grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and graduated from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with a B.S. in investments. He began his investment career in 1964 with Clayton Securities in Boston, and founded Young Research & Publishing, Inc. in 1978 to publish Young's World Money Forecast. Read more

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I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I take this financial planning seriously, and I have learned a lot from reading Dick’s monthly newsletter. You can tell him that it’s the best advice I’ve ever found at any price, and I also am a very conservative investor who doesn’t buy into the latest investment fads. … Many thanks

S.W. / Charlotte, North Carolina

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