Current Issue - February 2016

America's need for Persian Gulf oil, as Forbes put it, "is the main reason why the U.S. military showed up in the Middle East after having almost no role there for the first two centuries of the Republic's history." It is time to depart once and for all. The list of losers in such a scenario would be long, but the welfare and national security of America would be nowhere to be found on it. Vladimir Putin and Russia, poorly understood in America, would not be losers on the list, either. In this issue, I'll tell you why I think more cooperation with Russia and less with radical Islamist influenced and unilaterally reacting Turkey offers more plusses than minuses.

Also in the issue, I'll update you on the performance of our Maximizers portfolio, especially in the frightening early going of 2016. As I promised last month, I go into detail about my newest addition to our Common Stock Monster Master List, a diversified business that is positioned to benefit from the next big driver of innovation and productivity, the so-called "internet of things." I also have my first preferred stock recommendation in several years, which boasts a premium 6.4% yield without a traditional preferred's asymmetric interest rate risk. And finally, from our family money management company, the issue features a "baker's dozen" of things not to do in 2016. More >>

Economic Analysis - February 2016

Each month, I provide you with an Economic Analysis supplement to the issue. This supplement provides you with a bird's eye view of the indicators that I monitor on a regular basis. The incisive, story-telling charts included in this supplement are updated every month and range from "The Leaders" to "World Currency Reserves/World Gold Reserves." There will always be great new material as well as timely reference dates, and my comments spell out the meaning of each chart for you. Download in pdf format.

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How to Profit from Gold Stocks

February 10, 2016 Below is a post we did on gold mining stocks about two years ago. We repost this not to boast about how well our gold stocks have done relative to the market since then, but to impress upon our readers just how vital it is for patience to play a dominant role in your investment process.  […] More »