Current Issue - August 2015

Many years ago, Richard Russell, the legendary investment newsletter editor, penned what has been, for my money, to this day, the most compelling mini essay on investing he ever wrote. From Dow Theory Letters: 'In the investment world the wealthy investor has one major advantage over the little guy, the stock market amateur and the neophyte trader. The advantage that the wealthy investor enjoys is that HE DOESN'T NEED THE MARKETS … The wealthy investor knows what he is looking for, and he doesn't mind waiting months or even years for his next investment (they call that patience).'

My Maximizers strategy, which I introduced last month, is focused laser-like on these Russell concepts, especially patience. This month, I introduce my approach of using a portfolio of Maximizers in order to help you avoid financial castration in the winter of any economic cycle. There is still some gas in the economic tank, and there is time to get your house in order. Meanwhile, the Fed's complete destruction of yield over the last seven years means that you should seriously consider the issue of outliving your money during retirement. I'll explain how you can avoid that predicament. Finally, I am adding a new ETF to my Funds Master List. This ETF owns one of the lesser-known precious metals, which is used primarily in industry. More >>

Economic Analysis - August 2015

Each month, I provide you with an Economic Analysis supplement to the issue. This supplement provides you with a bird's eye view of the indicators that I monitor on a regular basis. The incisive, story-telling charts included in this supplement are updated every month and range from "The Leaders" to "World Currency Reserves/World Gold Reserves." There will always be great new material as well as timely reference dates, and my comments spell out the meaning of each chart for you. Download in pdf format.

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The 2% Economy

July 31, 2015 The latest GDP report came out yesterday and it showed economic growth of 2.3% in the second quarter. First quarter GDP was revised up from a drop of .2% to a gain of .6%. Yesterday’s release also included the BEA’s (Bureau of Economic Analysis) annual revisions to GDP. The annual revisions incorporate newly available, more […] More »